Chapels & Churches for Elopement and Destination Weddings in Scotland

There is so much meaning in one wedding day - to make a statement of your love as a couple, your future values, beliefs and cherishing traditions and family. 

 Wether your destination wedding is a spontaneous and adventurous elopement or a more traditional and classic ceremony, churches and chapels have been a symbol of eternal love and faith all over the world and can be an ideal place for a couple to tie the knot.

 Here are our handpicked destination wedding venues with churches and chapels in Scotland.

 1.    Drum Castle

Credits to  Emma Lawson

Credits to Emma Lawson

Credits to  Emma Lawson

Credits to Emma Lawson

 Drum Castle, dating from the 13th century, is located 10 miles away from Aberdeen, Scotland. Now owned by the National Trust for Scotland, the castle and the lands have a rich history with a 800 year-old tower house, 17th century mansion wing and some Victorian additions. Today it is a desirable wedding venue for couples from all over the world.

 What is also very special about this estate is the quaint and elegant tiny chapel, situated on the edge of the castles perimeter. Dating from the 1500’s, it was actually built on the site of a previous earlier, bigger chapel and some of the carved stonework was re-used during the building process. The Chapel is suitable for up to 20 persons and you can then go on to enjoy beautiful photographs both inside Drum Castle and throughout the beautiful woodlands.

 2.    Cromlix House

Cromlix house Chapel
Cromlix House Exterior

 Cromlix House opened on Spring 2014 after the Scottish tennis superstar Andy Murray acquired the property. It is located centrally in Scotland and is beautifully surrounded by 34 acres of secluded woodlands and gardens that create the feeling of intimacy and tranquility.

 The properties Chapel is a stunning space to take your vows in a place of peace but with the luxury service and standards of Cromlix House at your fingertips.

3.    Cluny Castle

Cluny Castle Chapel scotland
Cluny Castle exterior scotland

Cluny Castle, situated in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, is one of the most majestic castles in Scotland and offers a fabulous exclusive use experience. The Castles grand façade makes for a wonderful arrival experience and the 200 acres of secluded parkland mean that you have all the privacy your heart could desire.

 Within the Castle itself, the grand Chapel awaits, with space for up to 115 guests to watch you take your vows in this impressive setting.

4.    Forter Castle

Forter Castle exterior
Forter Castle chapel

 If there is a perfect destination to elope in Scotland, that would be Forter Castle. Nestled in the Highlands, located in the Cairngorm National Park, the area is secluded, peaceful and the beauty of th Scottish highlands is all around.

With almost 500 years of history behind it, Forter Castle is an authentic ancient Castle with accommodation for up to 16 people in the Castle itself, its charming tiny Chapel (Probably one of the smallest in Scotland) has space for up to 12 people to watch the most intimate of Ceremonies. This Castle is perfect for an intimate Scottish elopement with all the ingredients any adventurous couple with a vision of a truly stunning highland wedding could wish for.

 5.    Dunnottar Castle

dunnottar castle chapel
dunottar castle exterior

 This iconic clifftop fortress has stood the test of time and makes for a wonderful Scottish elopement wedding destination. With its exciting historical background (The Scottish crown jewels were famously hidden here from the English!) and wildly romantic clifftop view with the ocean as the backdrop, Dunnottar Castle is a firm favourite with eloping groups.

Today, wedding ceremonies can be conducted everywhere within the Castle grounds, including the small Old Wedding Chapel, that is still a symbol of Scottish tradition and family heritage.