Intern Takeover: Exploring Castle Fraser

 For those of you who don’t know me yet - Hi, my name is Yoli and I am currently having the time of my life as an intern here at Destination Weddings Scotland. 

Together with my friend Airlie, who is with our sister company - Timeless White, we decided to take you on a trip to one of the most exciting hidden Scottish gems - Castle Fraser.

Together we are about to explore exactly why this Scottish castle is the perfect charming place for a destination wedding.

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The Enchanting East of Scotland

Walking down the main road of the area, you can instantly see the tall towers of the Castle. We were lucky enough to visit on a mild and warm morning, so the sunlight was bouncing off of the traditional Scottish facade.
Situated only 16 miles from Aberdeen, Castle Fraser is positioned in a secluded setting, surrounded by 300 acres of magnificent woodlands and nature paths. Because of the size of the estate, you get the feeling of intimacy and tranquility, while the trip to the city is still short and sweet.
While having a seat outside and enjoying the exterior, Airlie and I noticed that there were many interesting spots around the castle perfect for nature spotting and generally enjoying the spring weather.

Castle Fraser Exterior

500 years of family history

Castle Fraser has been a home of a few generations of the Fraser Clan before it became part of The National Trust for Scotland in 1976. One of the most romantic stories is about Jane and Charles who raised fourteen children in the Castle and filled the walls with children's’ laughter, soirees and many precious memories.
In the late 18th century Elyza Fraser, the lady laird, modernised the castle in a classic high fashion for that time, inserting a new entrance and sash windows, as well as landscaping the grounds around the estate.

From Indulging Dining Rooms to the Hidden Trapdoors

Castle Fraser Dining Room

Once inside the castle, walking through the halls, there is a welcoming antique Scottish design leading to the amazing Great Hall. Right next to the gorgeous fireplace there is the piano that Charles gave to Jane as a present on their wedding day.With the sunlight shining through the big windows, the Great Hall is bright and spacious. As an all time favourite wedding venue, it has hosted ceremonies and receptions for wedding couples all over the world.
Leaving the Great Hall we were taken to the Library filled with the family’s book collection and portraits (one of them by Raeburn), which is also famous as the perfect intimate Scottish ceremony setting.Soon after spiralling up a secretive staircase led us at the top of the tower, an epic scenery was revealed, ideal for a wedding day backdrop. 

Visiting Castle Fraser really opened our eyes for the beauty of Scotland and how important positive vibes are for any wedding venue. Standing there, at the entrance of the Castle after the visit, I felt like I was brought so close to the family who lived there, their smiles and sorrows and how the Castle has now become a tourist monument and a stunning location to host parties and Weddings.