5 Reasons to Elope to Scotland

Throughout time, the dreamy notion of eloping has developed a variation of meanings. However, in its essence, it has always created the romantic idea to just run away from the big wedding hassle and tie the knot in an intimate setting with your closest family and friends.

It is no secret that some of the most romantic elopements have been right here in bonny Scotland! 

Whether you are planning to elope in Scotland, or this is the first time that you are giving it a thought, here are our top 5 reasons why you should start planning your Scottish elopement wedding right now…

1.    You can easily get married anywhere

 A great thing about eloping in Scotland is that you can do it literally anywhere. So, if you have chosen a clifftop with epic scenery, a castle or a place that has a deep and significant meaning to you - good news! All you need is an officiant and a few witnesses.

Image by  Craig George

Image by Craig George

“All Civil, Religious, Humanist and Same-Sex marriages conducted in Scotland by a person recognised as a legal officiant are legally recognised throughout the world, therefore making Scotland one of the most attractive locations for amazing destination and elopement weddings.” - Timeless White, Scotland

2.    History and Heritage

History here has certainly a lot to offer. A lot of couples now choose Scotland as their wedding destination to connect back to their Celtic heritage and family roots. With beautiful ancient castles with generations of happy family history and stories of love and epic battles, Scotland definitely has a spirit of legends and romance.

So, if you are planning your destination wedding in Scotland, you end up with a variety of venues and spots to elope. Here are a few examples of Wedding venues with fascinating history and ancient tales :

•   Dunnottar Castle: once a hiding spot for the Scottish Crown Jewels, now you can elope with your other half in a castle on a clifftop, as the sun dives in the horizon.

•   Castle Fraser: home of a few generations of the Clan Fraser, the rooms still carry the joy and laughter of the family that live there.

•   Culzean Castle: A grand and luxurious estate, with numerous hidden spots that you can claim as perfect for your elopement setting.

3.    Scenery

If Scotland’s rich history hasn’t won your heart just yet, then the epic scenery definitely will. No matter if you’d love to get married on a clifftop by the sea or you dream to elope in the heart of the highlands, you can find breathtaking backdrops all over the country. Mar Lodge and Forter Castle are both beautiful wedding venues in the Scottish Highlands complete with mesmerising landscapes.

4.    Thrill of the adventure

Image by  Ed and Aileen

Image by Ed and Aileen

What is the allure of a romantic elopement without the thrill of the adventure?! An elopement is not just about getting married, it is also about freedom, personal expression and most importantly - the love that grows between you two. You can transform your elopement experience in Scotland by doing a bunch of activities with your favourite person – many couples hike to the top of a Scottish mountain or munroe to say their “I do’s”! A great advantage of elopement destination weddings is the fact that you can discover new places with your future spouse, creating personal memories that nobody else will ever share.

5.    Traditions

Image by  James Kelly

Image by James Kelly

Old Scottish wedding traditions is our all-time favourite reason why Scotland is the ultimate eloping destination. There are many Scottish wedding rituals that can truly bring in romance on your special day. Except for the obvious and essential - bearded bagpipers and hand-crafted kilts - in Scotland there are other traditions that you can build in to a perfect little elopement, such as:

  •  A sixpence in your shoe – A time told tradition that is said to bring good luck!

  • Thistles – The symbolic flower is a time-tested emblem of Scotland

  • Traditional Handfasting Ceremony – An ancient way of making a commitment to one another that used to mean you were married for one year and a day.

  • Cut your cake with a Sword – Oh yes, this can be done!

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